About Kebab Dates

Kabkab date is one of dry type , high quality and less well-known dates cultivated in Iran.Kabkab date is dark brown to yellow color and with thin skin that could been peel from its meet .
Kabkab is dry classified type of dates which has high moisture near 18% of its weight. This kind of fruits have very delicious taste which come’s from their fresh sugary flesh and thin pulpy skins.
This date has 3.5 to 4 cm long , oval in shape , juicy flesh with much sap that makes its storage time shorter then others .Kabkab fruit could been keep up to 6 month in dry and cool environment far from suns direct light.

Iranian Kabkab fruit mainly cultivates in Boushehr province in Dashtestan city and Borazjan city .It also been cultivate in Fars province in Kazeroon city , Komaraj city and Khozestan Province in Behbahan city.
Harvesting time is due to weather condition is end of July for Kharak mood of fruit and middle of September for ripe date. After harvesting the fruits its washing and preparing it for packing.

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Kabkab is less known from Mazafati , Rabbi , Piarom , zahedi and others in international markets . Unlike international markets having High quality makes it favorite and popular in domestic markets.
This fruit like other type of dates has many nutrients inside and has lot of benefits for users. Carbohydrates are the base of its compounds that have 70% of fruit weight.
Organic foods are becoming more consumption recent years because of its healthy nutrients.

You can have a good market with this food

One of the reasons is excellent diet uses for diabetic peoples due to its sugar compound .This fruit has fructose and glucose which are naturals sugars with healthy kind of sugars.
Calcium and more nutrients like potassium , iron , magnesium and minerals are other compounds of kabkab dates. Aria food is a good choice for you to buy this date and test its awesome taste.

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