About Mazafati Dates fruit

Mazafati dates is the most popular and delicious types of commercial dates produced in Iran . mazafati dates is a meaty fruit with thin skin and lots of juice which has a dark brown to black color.
Low in fat and calories due to its high sugar content with low in sucrose makes this fruit special. Vitamin a and b, iron, phosphorus and potassium are the most nutrients in this fruit.
The weight of this dates is 10 to 15 grams, its length is 34 to 42 mm. the nucleus makes up 6% of the fruit’s weight. this oval shape fruit is moisty and soft that makes it delicious to eat.
Good looking shape and not sticky skin makes this fruit as good choice for banquet. Beautiful packaging and easy shopping and suitable price are other reason for customers to buy this tasty fruit.

Range of planting Mazafati date fruit in Iran

Mazafati dates is cultivated in southern area of Iran country. Cultivating areas are specially in Kerman province cities include the Bam city, the Kahnouj city and Jiroft. Sistan and Balouchistan province cities like Saravan and Iran Shahr also have large area under cultivating this fruit.
Harvest time is end augest and early october due to weather conditions. This product could not be on top of trees because of its moisty fruit and thin skin. Packaging process time should be short and fast also with careful picking operation.

Suitable temperature of Mazafati dates

this type of dates is disposed of flushing due to its moisty and sugary form. it should be kept in -5 to 5 centigrade degree temp. storage in fridge for this fruit is up to eight months.

Iftar with Mazafati dates

Use of dates is an old tradition in Ramadan months. it is used as sugary fruit in breakfast time. Traditional medicine researchers believe that it has warm temperament and can improve physical strength for consumers

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