Dates piarom are expensive but valuable

Piarom dates is the highest quality,most expensive and well known date cultivates in Iran.Piarom dates has dark brown thin skin which sticks to its delicious flesh that makes it as best export dates of Iran.This fruit is semi-dry date which is more suitable for washing and packing process.

The amazing benefits of this edible gold for humans

This sweat fruit has fructose sugar that is more healthy for body metabolism with lower calories.Piarom fruit is best choice for someone who suffer from diabetic and use in his diet energy source list.
We should look at its magical calories measurement that says : 100 gr of Piarom has 125 Kilo calories .As we says it has lot of fructose but with low calories than direct sugar so has 400 Killo calories in 100 gr. This is a good benefits that could be very helpful for decrease body fats and loosing weight .
Piarom also has proteins and minerals which are useful for our healthy life with no sickness.This fruit has potassium which is good for high blood pressure and better muscle and nerves systems performs.
This date has fiber that helps for treating intestinal and digestive deceases that have been increased early years. This delicious date has A vitamin and anti oxidane
and some minerals like magnesium and iron that is anemia treatment.

Where are the planting areas of piarom dates in Iran?

Piarom fruit cultivates in Iran’s Hormozgan province in Haji Abad city and its around villages. Piarom is valuable because of its few cultivating area that has been limited to this state and long period to harvest each date palm even could be for ten years.
Harvesting time for this date begins from September to November due to cultivating area weather condition. Piarom palms should be grown near the mountains so it makes fewer suitable area to cultivate. This tasty date is very persistent to salinity lands and also uses fewer water.

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