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Aria International Trade Development Co.
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“Online Services:What That Make Us”

Aria foods as a department of AriaTDC is one of main suppliers of Iranian dates including Mazafati (BAM, KIMIA) dates, Zahedi dates, Piarom (maryami) Dates.

Our factory for dates is located in Bam which is mine of Mazafati Dates and we are supplying all kinds of Iranian dates with greatest quality with more than 20 years of experience.


We are honored to inform you our special, unique and innovative online services that are designed by relying on 20 years of experience in category of Trading in dried fruits will start by the grace of God in 24 OCT in World Development Information Day.a


Aria foods online services:

  • Online price of domestic market in USD
  • Online CNF Price for any of products
  • Ordering online and receive your Pre-Invoice in less than an hour
  • Becoming member of our website and receive newsletters and the latest offers on your WhatsApp and E-mail and Graphs of market changes divided by country
  • Special offers on our Website for subscribers
  • Easy Sample request for your destinations and user friendly procedure
  • Easy contacting us and full package of supporting from sales men and experts.

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“Online price of domestic market in USD”

We are all believe that Main pillar of trading is supply. Whatever we are dominated more on the supply chain we can see the opportunities more and we can supply better. The results of all of the mentioned items is that we can discover the best time of making purchase.


Iran is mine of lots of different types of dates, like Mazafati Dates, Zahedi Dates, Kabkab Dates, Sayer Dates and Piarom Dates and Medjool Dates.

These dates are so varied to suit every taste and they can involve and satisfy all markets. But according to Domestic market swing that affected from international economic Condition Having a reputable and reliable online source of Price can help us to decide better, predict better and purchase smart.


Aria Foods as a Pioneer player of Iranian Dates Market started a new online service for its customer on https://ariafoods.co , on online services Tab that enables you to have daily and online prices of all types of Iranian Dates in USD.

So you don’t need to Contact different suppliers and ask continuously about the price, aria foods as an expert will do it for you online and you can just go on the next Tab and click on the Order Online, we will call you less than an hour!


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