International trade development co, established in 2016 due to export expansion products of some family industrial units that include 2 powerful sectors at international business.

Aria International trade development co was established in 2016 with the support of several family-owned industrial units with more than 30 years of experience. The company operates under the Aria Foods brand as a key supplier with world standards in the field of dates and nuts. Since Iran is one of the largest producers of dates in the world and more than 500 types of dates are grown in Iran, the industry of producing fresh dates, processing by-products and exporting these products in this country is very prosperous. Due to this potential and with the support of three date production and processing factories in different regions of Iran, Ariafoods is exporting Iranian dates to five continents.

Aria Foods has designed and produced its products according to the type of customers, their needs and the trend of global markets in 3 sections: food service, private label and luxury service.

As part of Aria Foods' responsibility and commitment to quality supply, the company supplies all dates to factories from the best date groves by AriaFoods's trusted farmer network.

AriaFood has put food quality and safety as the first principle in its supply and production line. So that after the raw dates enter the factory, all products are disinfected to control and destroy any agricultural pests, and then by using modern equipment and by committed and trained personnel, the washing, packing and loading process will be done.

AriaFood also benefits from a team of experts who have through knowledge to perform safe and appropriate transportation and customs formalities, and not to mention the fact that the overseas equipment of this complex is to prepare documents and facilitate the business affairs of customers.

Vision and Mission

Muslims are among the biggest consumers of date, especially in Ramadan, since date is considered a sacred fruit to Muslims, but it is also used as an organic and energetic snack all around the world.

The company's vision is to design, produce and sell delicious, healthy and nutritious dates and date products.

AriaFood's main mission is to enhance the quality of the production (supply) chain with the support of subsidiary companies and to promote and expand the Iranian date market and to find trading partners around the world and most importantly, to create value and confidence for customers in the marketing and sales chain.


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