Liquid date sugar

Liquid date sugar is a natural sweetener produced from dates that is used in food industries such as beverages, jams, marmalades. It can also be used as a sweetener in healthy daily use at home instead of white sugar.

Liquid date sugar is commercially competitive with other natural sweeteners such as honey, and given all this, it can be a good substitute for sucrose sugar in the food industry such as soft drinks and beverages, confectionery and ice cream industry.

Liquid date sugar is used in the production of important food groups such as natural juices, ice cream, dairy and bakery products, a variety of drinks and beverages specific to athletes.

Special properties of liquid date sugar

Liquid date sugar is a natural substance extracted from date extract without any additives that has a completely clear appearance and is white to light brown in color.

Nutrients and benefits of date liquid sugar

Liquid date sugar with 72-78 brix contains 73% sugar. Its main sugars are glucose and fructose in equal percentages like honey, so it is a healthy sweetener. Low protein, fiber and calories, iron, fructose, potassium and sodium increase the nutritional value of this product.

This product is very useful for providing energy to athletes and people with high physical activity. It is also effective in improving the function of the body’s nervous and digestive systems.

Date liquid sugar is also good for diabetics and helps balance body fluids

Storage, packaging and export conditions of date liquid sugar

Storing liquid date sugar in the refrigerator makes it last for 10 months.

Liquid date sugar



Liquid date sugar

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