Rabbee dates

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Iranian Rabbie dates are kind of dates which is soft ,dark brown that domestic and international market have good demand to this kinds of dates.some traders called it Pakestani dates but harvesting of Rabbie dates is exclusively in Iran. Because sweet of Rabbie dates is normal and  in comparison with mazafati dates is lower, some of the people prefer Rabbie dates for lower sweet .

-Cutivating Areas:
however cultivating Areas of Rabbie dates are in different province of Iran but the main production center of Rabbie dates is province of  southeast of iran ,Sistan Va Balouchestan ,amongst Zaboul,Saravan, Iranshahr,Chabahar. Rabbie dates including 11600 hectares area for cultivating and approximately they have 165000 tones harvesting per year.the best grade and quality of Rabbie dates is cultivated in Zaboul and Iranshahr.

-specialize features of Rabbie dates:

Rabbie dates are in group of semi-dry dates with moisture of less than 14 % .size of Rabbie dates is a little stretched and normal length is between 3-5 cm. Rabbi dates seeds are smaller than their meat and because adhesion of seed to skin by suitable texture Rabbie dates are kinds of dates that are easy for washing. Rabbie dates have a good syrup and this kind of dates are suitable for producing syrup.Rabbie dates amongst all of the Iranian dates is the earliest n growing.

-nutrients and benefits

Iranian Rabbie dates are recommended by nutrients experts because of having lots amounting of vitamins .rabbie dates is full of fiber so they can avoid to constipation and can Gastrointestinal adjustment .rabbie dates are fraught of Antioxidants  that are useful for adjust blood pressure and control of stress and also avoiding to Atherosclerosis.
using Rabbie dates is useful for bone health by having minerals like Magnesium Calcium Manganese Selenium .also Rabiee dates are appropriate for sexual health and in traditional medicine, people have used Rabbie dates pollen for treatment of male infertility. we should emphasize  influence of this dates on hair health,Anemia and skin health.

-Harvesting time :

The harvesting time of Rabbie dates is starting in middle of September and it continues to October early.

-maintenance  and packing :

Iranian Rabbie dates can be safe and healthful in room temperature for 12 -18 month that it is long time keeping. Also rabbie dates for shipping  they don’t need to refrigerator container so they will have easier shipping .Ariafoods is offering Rabbie dates for foodservices in 10 KG packing and for private label in 300 and 600 gr.

-Market of product:

Rabbie dates are really popular in domestic and international markets .because these dates have normal sweet ,they are suitable for the customers that are not interesting to dates which are very sweet.for high demand of market on these dates ,before new crop customer will come and will pre-buying  most of those dates. Pakistan is neighborhood of Sistan Va Balouchestan province that is major production center of Rabbie dates and because from many years ago the goods of gardens of this province  have bought by Pakistani traders and they have exported them to international market ,some people called them Pakistani dates.

-usage :

Iranian Rabbie dates are really appropriate  for making syrup dates, paste dates, industrial alcohol , nutritious Chocolate, types of cakes and cookies and drinks.



Rabbee dates

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Rabbee dates : 145/5000 Dates semi-dry with humidity less than 14% yellow and long-term storage at room temperature, satisfy your discerning taste has provided as well.

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