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Iranian Kabkab dates are know as one of the most delicious and economy dates in Iran. Kabkab dates are available in type of Kharak ,Rotab and Ripe dates. Ripe Kabkab dates are normal Kabkab dates that are available in hypermarkets and shops that they are really popular and delicious dates .in growth process of palm ,one step before ripe Kabkab dates is Rotab and two step before is Kharak .

-Cultivating area:

Major cultivating centers of Iranian kabkab dates are in Khuzestan ,shiraz and Boushehr provinces.about 80 % of palm garden are in Boushehr province and the best quality of Kabkab dates is available in Khuzestan in Behbahan city.

-specialize features of Kabkab dates:

Kabkab dates are in group of semi-dried or wet dates that are dark brown in color when they are ripe .in kharak and Rotab they’re yellow .fruits have oval shape with thickly skin that is sticking to meat of dates.the average weight of each Kabkab date is 15 gr

-nutrients and benefits:

Actually dates are useful products that they’re really appropriate for preparing daily snacks.
Kabkab dates has lot of benefits for health that in below we mention some of them.
Kabkab dates are a high energy source that it can Helps the lost body energy throughout a day.
kabkab dates is suitable for decreasing weight because of having magnesium.
Kabkab dates is full of Iron and it‘s useful for treatment of Anemia and heart problem.
Kabkab dates because of having Ani-Alergic properties are appropriate for seasonal allergies.

Harvesting time:

Kabkab dates in type of Kharak harvestable in end of July ,but if you want to have ripe dates you should be Patience to September early.

-maintenance and packing :

keeping Kabkab dates is suggested to maintenance in less than -4  C for long time storing.
in the past,cubic pressing was only type of packing of Kabkab dates but now there are some modern packing that are suitable for export.



Our plants
Aria cares your needs!

Having 200 hectares of palm dates gardens will able Aria to make difference. We hire the best gardens of Iran in dates from far away years.

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They take care of dates!

Our cool stores will keep Mazafati dates in the best situation and keeps them fresh for long times.

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After choosing your product depending on your needs we are able to supply you with your own carton, including your name, logo and address.

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  • Luxury Sector
  • Customer Packing
  • Bulk Business

Luxury Sector


At this sector products are designing professionally  for the rich markets that customers of this sector emphasize on greatest quality and unique design.

Our special dates and rasins with most updated designing of the world considering the culture of the target market in packing is available for luxury customers.

In addition we can produce added value on the products like taking out of the dates cores and pasting nuts inside of the dates that It can make dates more delicious and more nutrients.

Also for encouraging of the people specially child to use organic dates ,we designed this dates with a chocolate layer as a healthful and attractive product.

Customer Packing


At this sector Ariatdc is offering its products with professional design and the best quality of packing to customers.

We are doing packing process on the brands of Ariatdc and also customer’s brands .

We proud to say we don’t have any limit for offering services at this sector ,we will build every thing that is in your mind.

Bulk Business

Ariatdc  co ,in addition of offering  the products in kinds of the packing is selling goods to customers in bulk packing .

The bulk packing for raisins is sacks, and 5 kg packing for dates is design to selling .

Main goal of bulk business is the process industries like production of syrup, depts, cakes and etc.

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