Sayer Dates

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Sayer dates:

Sayer dates are one of the most popular dates in Iran, especially for export purposes. This date is one of the sweetest dates in the world. Some people also call it Sair, Stamaran, Sambaran and Sambon.

The ease of separating dates from the kernel, sufficient sweetness and no need for refrigeration make this product suitable for the food industry, which produces processed date products such as date Syrup, date paste, date powder, liquid date sugar, etc. For ten years, European factories have been using sayer dates as a raw product for various food industries.

Area under cultivation of sayer dates in Iran and harvest time

The area under cultivation and main production of sayer dates in Khuzestan is in the southwest of Iran. Also, more than 70% of date production in Khuzestan province is for this date.

This date is widely cultivated in the cities of Shadegan, Abadan, Mahshahr, Karun and Ahvaz and is one of the native dates in the south of the country.

The time of harvest of sayer dates is in September. The annual harvest of sayer dates in Iran is more than 50,000 tons.

Specialized features of sayer dates

The color of sayer dates is other brown, some crops are light brown and some are dark brown. These dates have an oval shape and may have different flavors depending on the climate.

The skin of this date is relatively separate from its flesh. Sayer Dates is cateorized semi-dry with a moisture content of less than 18% and its length is from 2.5 cm to 4.8.

After harvesting and dehumidifying, these dates are classified into 5 degrees FAQ, GAQ, Select, Super Select and Mix, which are available with and without kernels.

Nutrients and benefits of sayer dates

Saeyr dates, like other types of dates, are full of vitamins A, B, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, fiber and potassium, which is one of the best types of dates, especially for children.

Because this date is very sweet, it is used for the Syrup industry and most juice producers in the world buy this date. These dates are very practical and economical for the production of natural sweeteners.

Sayer dates have high antioxidants, which is considered as an anti-cancer substance. The magnesium in this date is very effective for people who have digestive problems as a digestive substance, and the high iron content of this date is also useful for people with anemia.

Storage, export packaging of sayer dates

The important point in the export of food products is the storage and transportation conditions, which fortunately, due to the properties of these products, such as semi-dryness and less moisture, it is possible to store them for a long time and transport them without refrigeration.

Due to its popularity in the international market, sayer dates account for about 40% of Iranian date exports.

Iranian sayer dates are offered in two forms, wholesale or private labels in different packages from 250 grams to 5 kg.

Sayer Dates

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