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Sayer dates is one of the popular Iranian dates specially for the export targets that this dates is among the sweetest dates around the world. some people call it Stamaran,Sambaran and Sambon.because of being popular in international market ,sayer dates has 45% export of Iranian dates.

-Cultivating area:

Area of cultivation  and the main production of sayer dates is in Khozstan province in south west of Iran also more than 70% of production of dates in Khozestan is for sayer dates.

specialize features of sayer dates:

Sayer dates is a semi-dry dates with moisture less than 18% that this feature can provide transporting and long time storing .the colure of sayer dates is brown that some of the cultivation are light brown and some of them are dark brown.

Harvesting time:

harvesting time of the sayer dates is in September and after harvesting and dehumidification process ,dates will sorting to 5 grade of FAQ,GAQ, Select, Super Select and Mix that is available with seed and without seed .one of the useful features of sayer  that is ease of seed separation for the customers that need it for producing other products like syrup, paste and etc.

-nutrients and benefits:

Sayer dates like the other type of dates are full of A,B vitamins ,Iron,fiber  and photasium .because this dates is very sweet ,it is comfortable for syrup industry and most of the producers of syrup in the world are buying this dates for the producing of this nutrient product for substitution of sugar in the meals family.

Maintenance and packing  :

Important point of exporting of food product is conditions of storing and transporting that fortunately because of properties of this products such as being semi-dry and less moisture , it is possible to storage for long time and transporting with non-refrigerator containers.خدث  core and coreless lable in tes will sorting to 5 grade that is available in is brown that some of the harvesting are light


Our plants
Aria cares your needs!

Having 200 hectares of palm dates gardens will able Aria to make difference. We hire the best gardens of Iran in dates from far away years.

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Our cool store
They take care of dates!

Our cool stores will keep Mazafati dates in the best situation and keeps them fresh for long times.

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After choosing your product depending on your needs we are able to supply you with your own carton, including your name, logo and address.

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Products Sterategy
  • Luxury Sector
  • Customer Packing
  • Bulk Business

Luxury Sector


At this sector products are designing professionally  for the rich markets that customers of this sector emphasize on greatest quality and unique design.

Our special dates and rasins with most updated designing of the world considering the culture of the target market in packing is available for luxury customers.

In addition we can produce added value on the products like taking out of the dates cores and pasting nuts inside of the dates that It can make dates more delicious and more nutrients.

Also for encouraging of the people specially child to use organic dates ,we designed this dates with a chocolate layer as a healthful and attractive product.

Customer Packing


At this sector Ariatdc is offering its products with professional design and the best quality of packing to customers.

We are doing packing process on the brands of Ariatdc and also customer’s brands .

We proud to say we don’t have any limit for offering services at this sector ,we will build every thing that is in your mind.

Bulk Business

Ariatdc  co ,in addition of offering  the products in kinds of the packing is selling goods to customers in bulk packing .

The bulk packing for raisins is sacks, and 5 kg packing for dates is design to selling .

Main goal of bulk business is the process industries like production of syrup, depts, cakes and etc.

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