Chopped dates

One of the most important and delicious date products is chopped dates. Chopped dates are a nut model for entertaining guests. Sweet cube, which are the result of dried dates without seeds, and along with food additives, are considered as a useful snack and have different vitamins.

Chopped dates are made from dried dates whose kernels have already been separated, and they are chopped by special machines and rolled in flour, sugar and cinnamon to dry.

Special Features of chopped dates:

One of the advantages of this product is its kernellessness and high shelf time. Its high shelf time is due to the fact that dried dates have less moisture, therefore it has a high shelf time

Nutrients and benefits of chopped dates:

The properties of dates include vitamin A to strengthen the eyes, potassium for blood pressure, the presence of antioxidants to prevent cancer, as well as prevent heart attacks and strokes, pervent Alzheimer’s, strengthen memory and improve the digestive system.

Chopped dates are a good substitute for sugar and are the best option for diabetics. It is also a useful product for weight loss; And for people who want to reach their ideal body, in addition to daily exercise, it is recommended to use this product. The various vitamins, proteins and carbohydrates in it will make you feel full and thus help you lose weight.

Storage, packaging and export of chopped dates:

Since the dehumidify dates is used to prepare chopped dates, this product has a longer shelf time than fresh dates.

Fresh dates should be stored at room temperature and away from ambient heat; but dry chopped dates can be stored at room temperature and in containers for a long time.

Chopped dates

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Chopped dates

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