Use of dates in the industry

Use of dates in the industry

Use of dates in the industry

The reason why we should date instead of other sweeteners

Excessive daily consumption of sugar around the world has caused various diseases in human societies. But since it is not possible to eliminate sweets and sweet foods from the diet, consumers tend to use more products with natural sweeteners and that is the reason that the use of dates in the industry has been increased day by day. As a result, food industry owners are trying to use natural sugars to reduce their sugar intake. (That is why dates are so popular).  They are sweet, healthy, and rich in nutrients, and can be consumed in different ways.  Dates are the sweet and savory fruit of the palm tree. The history of the existence of the date is back to seven thousand years BC. Historians believe that their origin is Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, or Mesopotamia. However, its exact location is unknown. The palm tree has a high value in hot and dry areas and is called the “tree of life”. Palms are very resistant to dehydration and hot weather, and some believe that life in these areas is impossible without them. The wide use of dates in the industry is because dates are high in nutritional value and sugar (about 70%).

Different use of dates in the industry

Dates have many uses in the industry, including date syrup, dates liquid sugar, chopped dates, date chocolate chips, dates paste, dates powder, dates nectar (date honey), dates vinegar, alcohol, beverage extract, dates cloves, dates halva, chocolate dates, solid chocolate dates, sauces, pickles, compotes, marmalades, jams, and animal food. Dates play a key role as food in times of crisis such as floods, earthquakes, wars, and droughts, and are also the staple food of the poor in disadvantaged areas, especially in Third World countries, which face problems caused by malnutrition and hunger. In addition to the above, dates are one of the few plant species that have been able to expand human communities in hot and humid environments due to their unique characteristics such as drought and water resistance, poor water and soil tolerance. 

Consumption of all components of the palm tree

Palm: Apart from the fruit of the palm tree, there are other components that can be used in industry for different purposes. The leaves and branches of the tree can be used to produce baskets and various textured items, mats and bags, and small decorative items. Kernels: we can tack activated carbon oil, lauryl alcohol, palm kernel ointment (for eyelash growth) from dates kernels, and its waste can be used in livestock and poultry feed. And sometimes it is used for camel food by soaking date kernels. Some people also roast date kernels and make coffee from them – a delicious and excellent coffee. Also, only half of the dates produced are used for human consumption and the food industry, and the other half is primarily used for animal food or in biotechnology. These people have been able to find ways to use surplus dates as raw materials to produce value-added products such as medical and industrial ethanol, baker’s yeast, single-cell protein as fodder yeast, citric acid, and date-flavored probiotic fermented dairy products, And so on. 
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